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2019-12-08 Server Update

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I understand that a lot of people are confused at the state of the server. My intent is to keep pushing updates and cleaning server features and fixing bugs while introducing new content. Since the start of the server we have only ever skipped 1 week of updates, so I intend to keep these updates going. We have no intention of shutting the server down, rather we wish to focus on building a friendly community. This takes time and loyal players, which I think there are still plenty of those people around, they just want to be sure before they decide to stay here for good. All the staff is also staying here and will continue to work on the server, we just have less players but a lot more friendly players. So those of you that are on the line, you have nothing to lose by playing here, whereas jumping around from MR to MR will just continue the trend. It has been too long since there was a solid MR that was known for longevity, that's what we intend to do here. 

BG Updates:

  • Badge rewards adjusted based on time in BG - BETA
    • These rewards are entirely outside of the normal badge rewards, they are added to the same script as the BG cases. That way they do not influence the bonus system or bg happy hour. 
    • When you enter any of the BG maps, the same time you get your BG case chances, you will also get a timer attached to your character. When you finish BG and get warped back to the BG room, it will calculate how long you were in BG and give you 1 badge per minute. This is just a trial number I will be using this week to do some calculations.
    • For now the normal badge rewards have not been adjusted at all, so treat these badges as a 1 week bonus. Once I have determined roughly how many minutes each mode lasts I will reduce the base rewards of each of the modes so that players who are there from the start get the normal amt of badges + a small bonus whereas those that join later, will get a significantly reduced # of badges. 

Event Updates:

  • Removed the BG Raffle NPC, congratulations to all of our winners!
  • Fixed Christmas event box and Mrs. Claus Gift Box
  • Added preview option to event shop
  • Rudolph is here and he needs your help, bring him some supplies in order to get a random item from his set of 3. Including the rucksack.
    • rudolph.png.227167628f3772b0675df7763736fefd.png

Skill Updates:

  • Dispel and absorb spirits will no longer activate if the target hides during the cast time

Quest Updates:

  • If you go by the mission boards you will find a new NPC called GC Hunting Quests
    • This NPC will generate a random monster mission for you, it will grab a random monster from a list I have given it and it will have you kill a random # from 5- 50
    • Sometimes you will get lucky and you can finish the mission within a few minutes and sometimes you may need to reset the mission
      • Resetting costs 20 Gold Coins
    • Completing a mission rewards you 20 Gold Coins
    • You can do this within a party, as long as your party members are on the same screen as you and you are alive, you will get the kill count

Misc Changes:

  • Removed all the old donation costumes from the Multi Shop
  • Added WoE Flag in main town
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