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2019-12-01 Server Update

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Snow is here!!

I managed to finish CTF for this week, thought it required a lot more time than I thought it would. KVM is next on my to-do list as well as re-doing how badges are given out in BG. There is a nice suggestion here on the forums and the people I talked to seem to agree with it. Check it out in the feedback section. 

Cash Shop Update:

  • We are doing some re-organizing when it comes to cosmetics, we had costumes in event tab, cosmetic tab and other tab. That will change now.
    • There will no longer be any costumes in the other tab.
    • Monthly costumes will be found in the cosmetic tab.
    • Holiday costumes and other items will be found in the event tab. These will usually only last for 1 week where as the ones found in the cosmetic tab will last for a month. 
  • Removed all Thanksgiving costumes from event tab. Removed all November costumes from cosmetic tab.
  • X-mas event costumes will be added from December 21st to December 28th
  • New Years event costumes will be added from December 28th to January 4th
  • Added new costumes for December under cosmetic tab.
    • Spoiler


Event Updates:

  • Adding the KoE event at 11:20 and 23:20 server time
    • Rewards for winning KoE, each player inside the map of the winning guild gets 
      • 40 gold coins
      • 10 cash points


  • Disguise will give now give an additional 1 Cash Point as a reward
  • Find the mushroom will give now give an additional 1 Cash Point as a reward
  • Hold the door will give now give an additional 2 Cash Points as a reward
  • Cluckers will give now give an additional 5 Cash Points as a reward
  • Maze will give now give an additional 5 Cash Points as a reward
  • Devil Square will give now give an additional 5 Cash Points as a reward
  • Added Mr.Password event for my self so I can mess around with the players a bit

Seasonal Events:

  • Removed Thanksgiving event
  • Removed the November giveaway packs
  • Added Santa's Gifts to the main town
    • He will give you an item every day for 24 days
    • Spoiler
  • Added Winter Crystal Spawns in fields and dungeons
    • When killed these crystals will drop some sweets, gifts and Christmas Cheers
  • You can talk Mr.Claus in Xmas town and do 2 types of quests.
    • Just walk a bit left and up from the spawn location and you will see Santa with some flowers
      • You can dig out sow flowers and give them to Mrs.Claus for a Mrs. Claus' Gift Box
        • The gift box contains a random costume scarf
      • Bring 30 Christmas Cheers to Mrs.Claus to get a Costume Louise Red Hat

BG Update:

  • Added CTF to BG rotation
    • The flag capture count to win is 5, but I would like for this to be adjustable by player count, please throw some ideas at me right here in this topic. For example if there were X players in the previous round the flags required to win becomes ...
    • CTF actually required me doing some updating to our source in order to make it work properly, unfortunately that ended up eating a lot of my time, but this does give the me some new script commands to work with.
  • TDM will reduce the required kill count to 15 if the previous round had less than 10 players
  • We once did a BG happy hour of 10% and we never turned it off. So the badge rewards have been an extra 10% for the last 3 weeks. I have turned off the 10% bonus now. 


  • Added all the Zodiac Crowns and Diadems to the headgear tailor NPC (24 hats total)
    • You can purchase all of them at once rather than having to wait for each rotation.
    • They each cost 3,000,000 Zeny and 20 Gold Coins.


  • Removed the WoE registration system
    • As long as you are in a guild you can enter the WoE castle and take the emperium

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