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WoE Rental System

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Greetings! :no1:

Our WoE Rental System aims to assist new guilds to participate in War of Emperium as early as possible.
This system is completely automated and does not require any specific sign-ups or waiting lines.

6 hours before War of Emperium starts and during WoE, the WoE Rental Shop will allow you to purchase rental equipment for a low Zeny cost. The rental equipment is character bound items that only work on War of Emperium castles. You can enjoy your equipment until War of Emperium is over, then it will be automatically deleted.  

This system can be used up to 10 times which allows you to participate War of Emperium for roughly a month or two, giving you enough time to hunt your own equipment. 

Rental Items:



Rental Cards:
Once you purchased your desired rental items, you can card them by using the NPC. 
There is a wide variety of cards that can be added to your equipment. A full list of obtainable cards can be found in the spoiler below.




  • WoE Alligator Card
  • WoE Archer Skeleton Card
  • WoE Drops Card
  • WoE Elder Willow Card
  • WoE Evil Druid Card
  • WoE Fabre Card
  • WoE Green Ferus Card
  • WoE Flame Skull Card
  • WoE Giearth Card
  • WoE Horn Card
  • WoE Horong Card
  • WoE Hydra Card
  • WoE Incubus Card
  • WoE Marc Card
  • WoE Marine Sphere Card
  • WoE Matyr Card
  • WoE Nightmare Card
  • WoE Noxious Card
  • WoE Raydric Card
  • WoE Skeleton Worker Card
  • WoE Smokie Card
  • WoE Sohee Card
  • WoE Stalactic Golem Card
  • WoE Thara Frog Card
  • WoE Verit Card
  • WoE Zerom Card


If you have feedback, please feel free to discuss it in our Discord channel or in a separate post before the server opens.

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