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  1. This is the last live update that we will be having after this we a taking the server offline for final re-brand preparations Some Game changes: The old instance manager caused nydhog cooldown to get looped, so if you did the Nyd instance through the old NPC and now your cooldown is stuck, you can get that fixed with the new instance manager by scrolling down in the menu. Only the final Bakonawa will now drop the dolls since there was a way to farm the other bakonawas The drop rates from the other 2 were just moved to the last one Added the discord bot for main chat in game This will allow us easier communication with the players. As I announced in the last update, we are going with WoonRO for our new server name. Once again there will be no wipe, just a bit of a refresh with the content and giving people a checkpoint when to come back. Kind of like a season 2 for the server. We are still going through the graphic changes for the website and everything else, but we did purchase www.WoonRO.com for the domain. We are very excited about the re-brand and look forward to seeing everyone in game. Timeline: January 25 - Server goes down for a week so we can adjust all files and text in game to match new server name and properly prepare for relaunch. This will be done at roughly 13:00 server time right after the open discussion. January 25 - Open Discussion ( 11:00 Server Time) : The staff and I will be available on discord voice chat to answer any questions and simply talk with the community. We will dedicated 1-2 hours for this open discussion. February 1 - Official server re-opening. Keep in mind there will be no wipe, rather this is a fresh outlook and a new starting point.
  2. Hello everyone. I am running a bit behind on the server update this week, but I don't want to postpone the important name change announcement much longer. As a result I will post the news here and then I'll update this changelog when I do the update. We as a staff have had many team meetings in the last 2 months. We agreed that it would be good to change the server name to something a bit less generic, and once this idea was proposed, it didn't take long for everyone to agree on a name. We decided to dig through our backups and search for some inspiration. Unfortunately my laptop that had all my most important backups had the hard drive break. So my biggest backups were all deleted earlier last year. However, luckily we do have the internet. We did some quick searches on google and even found our selves a logo for the server There was no need for inspiration when we had the perfect server name we all loved so much. We decided to ditch the Reloaded part because that was added on later. Since we are going back to the WoonRO mentality and methodology, we feel that only one server name can live up to the expectations. This is just a logo backup found on the web, Daifu will be making very small adjustments to this so we can remove the pre-renewal part since that will be implied. We are so thrilled for this name change. This name change just feels right, since the original WoonRO had a very similar start. It wasn't clean, had a lot of issues, but we just stumbled trough it and made it work. This time, we have a lot more experience, patience, support and even more love for the server than we ever had before. We lost WoonRO once, we have no intention of letting it go again. We look forward to bringing back the Mid Rate glory days. Website will be release next week.
  3. Happy New Year to everyone! Our first update of 2020. We got some exciting news, but let's do the changelog first then at the bottom will be the news. Instance Manager Revamp: Entire code was revamped and simplified, basically we will be using the actual npcs instead of a bypass that just links to the instance. So what does that mean? Well this: Bakonawa Lake - You will not notice any difference, the only thing you may notice is how the cooldown functions and this is done to prevent abusable re-enters. Wolfchev's Lab - Done away with the entire custom entrance. You will now get warped to the official NPC that opens the instance. This is a major change since it re-introduces some of the story line and eliminates improper re-entry which was abuseable. Endless Cellar - Not much change here, you just get warped to the started npc rather than doing it from instance manager, this is simply a safer way to start this instance. Endless Tower - Not much change here, you also just get warped to the alberta npc, since he has the proper security measures there is no point in re-coding this. Nydhoggr's Nest - Now you get warped to the instance gate. You will need to have completed the quests leading up to Nyd. Orc's Memory - Changed the maximum allowed level to 98 and allowed you to do it solo. Sealed Shrine - You get warped to the Friar that starts the instance. All in all this system uses verified and tested NPCs and security measures which will prevent abusability of the instance system. Other Updates: Updated Cash shop and preview npc to January cosmetics Removed all Christmas and New Years events Changed Close Helmet requirements to items that actually drop KoE flag relocated to center Updated in-game GM list Formatting wiki so all players know the staff and their oles (Almost done, say thanks to Zia) Removed daily reward - loyalty rewards and starter packs coming soon So the news. Here is the official timeline of the server for January, keep in mind that some of these dates may change, but for the most part they should be fine. January 12 - Announce New Server Brand and Name January 19 - Release alternative website, client and patcher. The old ones will still work. So you will not be forced to re-download. January 25 - Server goes down for a week so we can adjust all files and text in game to match new server name and properly prepare for relaunch January 25 - Open Discussion : The staff and I will be available on discord voice chat to answer any questions and simply talk with the community. We will dedicated 1-2 hours for this open discussion. The exact time will be announced as we get closer to the date. February 1 - Official server re-opening. Keep in mind there will be no wipe, rather this is a fresh outlook and a new starting point. Why are we doing this? From the very beginning we catered to a group of players that we knew had no intention of playing on our server. They were big in number and they made BG and PvP interesting. But in all honesty they made the server a nightmare for most of the other players and the staff. We thought that if we provided the things that they were asking for we could convince them to play here, obviously we now know the result of that. We spent a lot of time and money purchasing and coding features that they requested and rushing to release things that were incomplete due to their demands. Looking back at the changelogs, I was doing so many changes each update and it was never enough because there were always more demands and bugs with previous releases since they were rushed out. The players that were truly loyal and still play here were left feeling that their suggestions were being ignored simply because they were not part of a big group, and that was true and I feel bad for that. I would only work on the most discussed suggestions since they were the hot topics, I didn't even have time to open the ones with 0-5 replies on them. Everyone has their own ideas of what happened and why the sudden decline of players, but here is the major one. It's a snowball effect that I called a few days prior to launching the server when I saw which players were gathering to play. I stated to the staff that something will happen and a single guild will rage quit, which will lead to the rest of the guilds being unstable, and any additional minor thing would set off a chain reaction where the major WoE guilds would then all leave because of no competition. Then players that were not involved at all would simply follow the trend. The actual players leaving with the guilds was no more than 30% of the server population, but players seeing that the server population dropped so drastically simply got scared, and then we got to where we are now. If we had started off at 0 players and grew to 50, everyone would be thrilled and excited, which would cause more players to join. However we dropped from 300 to 200, and that was enough to cause a snowball effect. The reason this happens is because players have no trust in the server owners anymore. If there is not enough money then the admins shut it down and move onto the next one. And you players are just as much to blame for this as the administrators that get away with this. You join hype server knowing full well that they will only last 3-5 months. In fact some of these guild leaders that left the server told me this very thing, and that they were surprised we didn't look like we were going to hit the 3 month mark. It's been a while, but it is time for a new stable home to come around. We are here, we don't need money, we simply want a fun community that sticks around and works together to improve the server. We saved up a big portion of the donations just for this, we saw it coming. With the loyal staff we have, even if we were to get no donations for a year, the server can pay all the bills. We feel 100% confident that we can be the one stable rock where players can always com back to and have all their stuff be there. I know many of you are on "hiatus" and waiting for the re-brand. You would gladly play but you don't have many players to play with. Trust me, there are so many of you in this situation, if only you that are "waiting" came back today, BG would be running non stop. I see all the people that login in each day and just check the player count and log off. I know you are the quiet ones and truly care about the server, so you are often left unheard because of the loud minority. If you don't like attention and don't want to scream and shout with the toxic players, simply PM me, I'm here to listen. We as the staff are truly excited and thrilled for the re-launch. Unlike the official launch where we were worried and concerned, we can't wait for this. We know this is a step in the right direction and we hope you join us. To the toxic players:
  4. Will be there next update in BG Special Shop
  5. Happy holidays to everyone!! Less than 1 month left until we re-brand and do heavy promotions on the server. There will be no wipe though, just a fresh look for the server with a new name. Now onto the updates. All Christmas events, New Years Costumes, December Costumes and Calendar giveaway will be removed next update. We will be going into January cosmetics next. Costume Weapons are here!! This is something we wanted to add for a long time. In the past our only choice was to add custom weapons and then we have them stats and well yeah no one liked that. Now with the new system, these weapons give no stats, go on the shadow weapon slot and they override what ever weapon sprite you are using. These weapon sprites were designed with job specific purposes, so we will have to limit them with those specific jobs to avoid errors. The jobs are listed in the item description. The following Costume Weapons are added in the Cash Shop "Cosmetics" tab and will remain there indefinitely (5000CP a piece). They will not be rotated, we will add more there in the future: Costume Black Oriental Sword Alchemist Blacksmith Rogue Assassin Costume Ascension Staff Priest Costume Drocus Monk Costume Soaring Bird Hunter Bard Rogue Costume Black Halberd Knight Crusader The following Costume Weapons are added to the Event Shop: Costume Black Cat Paw Assassin Costume Strike Eagle (Nihad's Fave so far) Priest Cash Shop Update: Removed Christmas costumes from "Event" Tab Added New Years costumes to "Event" Tab Other Updates: Fixed Wolfchev instance warping to wrong map after finish Fixed Pursuing Rayan Moore quest deleting Refined Fly Wing Fixed BG shops listing all items twice Added the Lesser Glorious Rings to BG special shop Also re-organized the Special BG shop Removed trade restrictions from the All in One Ring Box The ring has to remain with trade restrictions since it's a rent item
  6. Yeah, the rewards should be one of those things where you go, oh neat. But it could be converted to onlogin instead of an npc.
  7. Figured out how to add these. Added on next update.
  8. Was added a while back.
  9. Nihad

    Passive Guildskills

    Fixed, will go into effect next update.
  10. Snap disabled in BG, suggestion irrelevant.
  11. Nihad

    Tradeable Cash

    You can vend for cash points. This is sufficient for all normal game play. However, since we already have CP Coins we use for events, I have added them to the cash shop. As I stated, you can vend for cash for normal gameplay, however if someone really wants to use Cash Coins, they can purchase them from the shop with a 10% sink. You will buy a coin that gives 10CP for 11CP.
  12. It's perfectly fine the way it is.
  13. Nihad

    Costume Preview

    Correct, you can view all donation costumes in the multi shop. Also the event shop has been given a preview as well.
  14. In my eyes competition is fair if everyone has access to the same tools. In our case everyone has access to all the tools to avoid monopolization of MvPs. Declined.
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