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  1. I'm happy to hear that!! 😃
  2. Porings are the kings of RO!!! PORINGS FTW
  3. Yes, that was me! I was talking about League RNG hahahaha
  4. Oh! I didn't see the BGM are in separate file! Thanks alot 🙂
  5. Hello, guys! I'm an older player from RO. I've been playing this game for 15 years! And yes, I keep addicted to RO world! I playd in alooot of servers, being GM in 4 of them (always as Event/Helper). After a bad experience in a server in the last months I'm trying to found some fun here (and the server really seems incredible until now). I have some friends who's playing with me too, but they're waiting for my "review" about RagnaLand. I just started yesterday, so I have alot to learn about the server! Btw, I found the server just searching for mid-rate servers at top Ragnarok sites. Ayaka's my name in the last years that I've been playing! About me: I'm a brazilian girl, with a suck english (but I try my best, I swear). I'm psychologyst and addicted to the games universe! I also play League of Legends as a noob one xD Well, I'll be here for having some fun parties, make new friends, learn more and more about this game, and helps anyone that I can! ❤️ Meet you in game ❤️
  6. Hello! My game is only with the Effects enable. Can't hear BGM =( Tried the hints that you post but doensn't work. Any idea what's next?
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