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About HG444

  1. -1 you already get free nid from bb that basically drop on a daily basis on the gold and war rush machines.
  2. HG444

    Icons for Songs

    +1 would be helpful definetely.
  3. HG444

    More BG modes

    +1 CTF and KvM, I dont really like rush that much but would not mind more options. TDM and CQ are already getting pretty stale.
  4. HG444

    Bradium Earrings

    +1 The other bradium items already drop from normal mobs and it would be great to have something else to round stats for hw other than OG's.
  5. +1 Some of the drops are really low for a mid rate server. Server already has some high rate features so I think drop rates need to match properly with a mid rate server.
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