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  1. SG will still be useless because heat skill will only drain sp in bg and since we have autopot.... /shrug +1 for trans gear for extended
  2. Since we have not only zeny as a currency but also war badge and cash point I'd like to suggest additional info in @whosell command to show next to price if its in Cash Points/War badge/Zeny. Right now there's not a clear way to check without looking at vendor directly what currency is using. (Screen shows price of dmant)
  3. While we're at it, maybe we should also make Whitesmith's buffs undispelable so it can be viable in bg and not worry about pesky HW's quagmire or agi down or dispell? This thread is kinda silly.
  4. +1 but please make a change to all mobs considered as "boss monster". 0.2% on meteor plate from sala or 1% for odin from skeggiold are just an example of how ridiculous drop rate of boss mobs are.
  5. Red Scarf (based on red scarf from smokie pet armor) ID: 10019 might be a bit tedious to add (most likely need to adjust spr & act for characters) tried on prev server without succes, lets try again \o/
  6. Usually players who wants to do stuff on aforementioned maps will go there as party starting from 1st lvl/map where they can gather neatly in 1 place. If u add direct warp to mvp maps it'll more likely benefit mvp campers where they can do portal asura or other kind of dmg (portal SS/SBK for bee in example). Its the lazy way so most likely it'll be added as well random warp on map but then it'll hurt more ppl who want to do stuff there as party since they'll be scattered. I'm not a big fan of both tombstone+convex - we could have either tombstone or convex for mvp purposes.
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