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  3. This is the last live update that we will be having after this we a taking the server offline for final re-brand preparations Some Game changes: The old instance manager caused nydhog cooldown to get looped, so if you did the Nyd instance through the old NPC and now your cooldown is stuck, you can get that fixed with the new instance manager by scrolling down in the menu. Only the final Bakonawa will now drop the dolls since there was a way to farm the other bakonawas The drop rates from the other 2 were just moved to the last one Added the discord bot for main chat in game This will allow us easier communication with the players. As I announced in the last update, we are going with WoonRO for our new server name. Once again there will be no wipe, just a bit of a refresh with the content and giving people a checkpoint when to come back. Kind of like a season 2 for the server. We are still going through the graphic changes for the website and everything else, but we did purchase www.WoonRO.com for the domain. We are very excited about the re-brand and look forward to seeing everyone in game. Timeline: January 25 - Server goes down for a week so we can adjust all files and text in game to match new server name and properly prepare for relaunch. This will be done at roughly 13:00 server time right after the open discussion. January 25 - Open Discussion ( 11:00 Server Time) : The staff and I will be available on discord voice chat to answer any questions and simply talk with the community. We will dedicated 1-2 hours for this open discussion. February 1 - Official server re-opening. Keep in mind there will be no wipe, rather this is a fresh outlook and a new starting point.
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